“a family connection or other close tie or relationship"

"a feeling of kinship"


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September 18, 2017

This year I am very proud to have joined the ac.care Support Homeless People Luncheon committee. This business luncheon is a bi-annual event founded by the late Barry Maney OAM to raise funds for ac.care to help prevent homelessness in our community. The event has rais...

January 29, 2017

This Australia Day ceremony was particularly special because a very special man was awarded Citizen of the Year for 2017!

Noel Bull is a passionate volunteer in the Dartmoor community. His fantastic work raising awareness and funds for mental health, 37 years volunteeri...

January 11, 2017

If you had have told me I would be spending Saturday out in the paddock in 40 degree heat with a pregnant lady walking through long grass in thongs, I would have thought nothing good could come from that! But when you look at these photos and memories that Chloe and Be...