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Astyn Reid started up Sticker Productions during her final year of Media studies at RMIT University in Melbourne.  Her first documentary, Australia's Outback: The Whole Hog received rave reviews and was awarded Best Documentary at the 2011 RMIT Student Film Awards.  For her graduate production she produced a series of commercials for GetUp's anti-logging campaign, winning Best Screen Production at the 2011 Media Showcase.

During 2011, upon hearing that her grandmother had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, Astyn produced a short documentary on Mary's life to preserve her memories for their family and future generations. After Mary's passing many people saw the film and began requesting one of their parents and family members.  With documentary already a passion of Astyn's and the opportunity to help other families pass on their loved ones memories, Astyn began Kinship Productions, a branch of Sticker Productions focused purely on recording lives.

Where it all began...

Grandparents are the footsteps to future generations”