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Video biographies are a beautiful way to capture your story, but where do you begin? I have compiled a list of my most frequently asked questions to help. And remember, if there is something not covered below, you are always welcome to call or email me here.

What is actually involved in putting together my own biography?

Filming your biography is easier than you may think. The biography pack you will receive when you book has all the information you need to help you through the process. There is a booklet with questions to help you remember all your little stories and space for you to jot down notes so you don't forget a thing on filming day. There are sticky notes to mark all your favourite photos and loads of other information to make this fun!


How much does it cost?

A traditional film biography is $3,950 and includes your own “My Story” biography book, a biography pack full of all the information and resources you will need, a 45 minute interview in the comfort of your own home, your interview and up to 50 of your favourite photographs edited into your own biography film (usually around 30 minutes long) and presented on a beautiful crystal USB and DVD. Your film biography can also be personalised to tell your story any way you wish (click here for ways to personalise your film). Please speak with Astyn if you wish to include two people (both parents) or personalise your biography to suit you.


I would love to do it, but I'm nervous!

Most people I have worked with have been a little bit nervous leading up to the filming, but I promise, once we started talking everybody’s nerves floated away and so far everyone has really enjoyed the experience. I have made sure that all the equipment I need is as small as possible and I utilize the natural light in the space so there are no intimidating lights or big cameras in your face. My set-up is compact so we can work comfortably in your home and you can forget all about the cameras once we start talking.


What do I do on filming day?

Once you receive your biography pack it is a good idea to allow yourself a couple of weeks to make some notes and go through your photos. Your “My Story’ book is full of questions and writing space to help you remember all your lovely stories, but don’t feel like you have to answer every question. This book is purely to help jog your memory and help you know what to write about. Take your time with this so you can make sure you tell all the stories you want to on the day (although, keep in mind I can always come back to film more). You can keep adding to the book afterwards – it is a fantastic accompaniment to your film!


I would love to do this but I am only young, can I still make a biography of my life so far?

Of course! Doing a biography while you are young is a fantastic idea. Even with photos to remind us, we still forget lots of little stories as time goes on. Doing a biography now is a great way to capture your personality and life as a 20 year old, 30 year old, 40 year old and so on. Why not plan to do 10 year instalments and keep adding chapters to your film? What a fantastic gift for those milestone birthdays! The Baby Bio's are also a brilliant idea to capture your baby's childhood. How lovely is it listening to how their stories and attitude evolve as they grow, and what is 'so important' to them at that time in their life? Capture all these moments through the Baby Bio's and end up with a beautiful film of their first 10 years of evolution.





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