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"The first biography film I created was of my grandmother, and is the most precious memory of her we have. I went home to visit her with my camera and just started asking questions. We sat in her lounge for an afternoon and she told me little stories that even her children had never heard before. Not because they were secrets, but because no body had ever actually asked. Little things like her first kiss, her favourite memory of her kids, a memory that always makes her smile, any regrets she had in her life...


Since Nanna got quite sick towards the end it is nice for people to hear her laugh, and be left with a healthy, happy memory of Nanna. But more importantly than this, I now have Nanna's essence captured on film. It was a while after her passing until I watched the film again, and I was shocked by how many little things I had forgotten. Her voice, her laugh, her mannerisms when she told a story, the way she walked and the way she said 'ooh' before she answered your questions. I now watch her film quite regularly and it brings a smile to my face every time. It is nice to know that future generations will get to know a little piece of her and she can tell them her stories." - Astyn

Biography Films

Would you like to preserve your loved ones stories and memories for future generations? Do you want your grandchildren to get to know their great grandparents like you knew them, and see where they got their laugh, smile and sense of humour from?


Biography films capture those little mannerisms in the way our parents told a story, it captures their voice and laugh, future generations can get to know their ancestors, and all their special little stories which make up their life will never be forgotten.

A little story from Ross Whitehead's Film Biography


"I've got to say this project was something I have enjoyed immensely. We have just finished a family screening and Everyone is over the moon! Can't begin to describe how happy we are with the finished production. Astyn has captured the essence of Ross and this is something we will all treasure forever. There were tears, laughs, it is just beautiful. Thank you again so much and keep up your brilliant work. To be able to produce something like this is a beautiful thing and something we will all treasure." - Ann Whitehead

"We can't thank Astyn enough for capturing Dad's stories. He had a great time reminiscing and the film is something our whole family will treasure forever." - Peter Gazzard

"I'm absolutely overwhelmed with the result. Such a wonderful keepsake for generations to come. Cleverly done, brilliant to watch. A huge thank you...very sentimental." - Merna

"The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of our family that we pass down to our children"

What you get


  • A biography pack

full of all the information and resources you will need.

  • Your own "My Story" biography book

to prompt all your memories before filming and makes the perfect accompaniment to your film.

  • A 45 minute interview

in the comfort of your own home.

  • Your film biography 

with up to 50 of your favourite photographs plus home videos (usually around 30 minutes long).

  • Presented on a beautiful crystal USB to share with your family.

Your film biography can also be personalised to tell your story any way you wish...



Do you absolutely love the beach? Or did you grow up in a remote little town? Visit all the locations most special to you and tell stories as you go. We could drop into your local pub with your closest mates, or visit your loved ones at the cemetary and tell your favourite memories of their life. Adding locations to your film adds a whole new dimension and a relaxed atmosphere for you to be yourself and tell the best stories.

Film length

Don't think 45 minutes is long enough for us to film all your great stories? No worries, we can take as much time as you need and I'll produce your film to the length required (maybe you will need sequels!).


This biography is about you, but we all know how many people play an important role in shaping our story. Introduce these special people into your film and reminisce on your life together. If your children or other family members live away simply record a message on their phone and email the video file to Astyn. There are many different ways to include your loved ones in your film.

Home Video

Do you have video files from family holidays or special moments that you would like to include? Add a whole new dimension to your film by encorporating your home videos. You can commentate and tell stories about the day, or simply let the old video speak for itself.



Video biographies are a beautiful way to capture your story, but where do you begin? I have compiled a list of my most frequently asked questions to help. And remember, if there is something not covered below, you are always welcome to call or email me here.

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Astyn Reid, Kinship Productions
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