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Sally + Peter - A Traditional Scottish Wedding Complete with a Family Dance-Off

It was a beautiful family celebration at Sally and Peter's Sunday wedding. Bagpipes sang from the balcony in the traditional Scottish ceremony, complete with a sword, kilts, passing of the rings and love knot. The children were a huge part of the day, with their gorgeous son joining them up at the altar in Dads arms.

The reception was a great big party with the whole family tearing up the dance floor! (I must admit, after filming some of the groomsmen dancing, I am glad their outfits weren't completely 'traditional'...if you get my drift!!). Everybody was having such a great time it was contagious, they had me in stitches and even wanting to join them on the dance floor!

Thank you so much for inviting me along to capture your day guys, I had a blast!

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