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The Short Film - 3/3 Sisters

I must admit, as amazing as Tess and Todd's day was, I had a twinge of sadness knowing that this was the last of the three Jacob sisters weddings we would be celebrating. The Jacob sisters have all been married within the last 14 months and I am so honoured to have been invited along to capture all three!

While Kate and Belinda's weddings were set in the beachside town of Robe, SA, Tess and Todd's wedding day was set on the Jacob's stunning family property in Naracoorte, South Australia. As the sisters said in their speech, "when Tess and Todd decided they wanted a 'relaxed, stress-free wedding on the farm we were all relieved. Yep, this simple wedding involved only 135 days of constant sprinkler changing, fertilising the law, installation of a new bridge at the creek crossing, fresh gravel for the driveway, erection of a new fence around the garden, a new coat of paint (OK, 3 coats) for the house, removal of several trees and shrubs, purchase of a truck load of new shrubs to replace said removed trees and shrubs, mulch for the garden, and then just a week of lawn mowing, trimming, raking, slashing, and more mowing in the lead up to today. Oh and of course the marquee set up....I'm so glad that they wanted this relaxed wedding and we didn't have to go through the 2 days of stress setting up for ours again....' 😂 But all the hard work definitely paid off and everybody appreciated just how stunning the property looked for Tess and Todd's wedding.

Words can't describe how special it feels to be included in all three sisters weddings. Thank you Tess and Todd, and the rest of the clan for inviting me along to your weddings! I will miss celebrating with your family!

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