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'We Belong Together'

I am very proud and excited to share with you all Ray White Keatley's short film, 'We Belong Together'!

This was a big team effort with everyone coming together to contribute ideas, time and resources for the film shoot. With Ray White Keatley opening two new offices in Hamilton and Casterton, Victoria, they wanted a film which showcased the vast area they now cover. 'We Belong Together' features landmarks from each area, so locals are able to recognise all the different locations that Ray White Keatley can service.

I kept the graphics simple with the only text being 'Ray White Keatley - Mount Gambier | Hamilton | Casterton' followed by the website at the end. I tried a couple of different endings but found that the simpler it was, the more powerful it was. The music track is not your typical 'corporate film' soundtrack, it was chosen specifically as it fits perfectly with their 'relationship building' marketing strategy. I also produced the film in a way that makes it easy to replace certain scenes to accommodate for staff changes, so the film can always be updated and kept relevant.

Overall this film has summed up the essence of Ray White Keatley and is a fantastic promotional tool for them. I hope you enjoy 'We Belong Together' as much as I do, and if you are looking for a unique and powerful way to showcase your business, please get in touch!

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