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A Very Special 90th Birthday Surprise

3 months ago one amazing family concocted an elaborate plan for their Mum, Grandma and Great-grandma's 90th birthday...

I received a phone call outlining the details of the 'little white lie' that had been told to Mrs. Mulraney and putting on my best poker face, I arrived at Margaret's house to film her biography.

Fast forward three months and I had the privilege of being invited to Mrs Mulraney's birthday party to experience the unveiling of her very special 90th birthday present...

Biggest thank you to this beautiful family for this amazing experience. Being able to see the whole family watch their Mum, Grandma and Great-Grandma's biography film was something truly special for me. And thank you for the elaborate & sneaky plan to make this film a surprise for the woman who starred in it!! This birthday gift was something truly special ❤️

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