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A destination wedding in the most breathtaking setting

Rainforest covered mountains in one direction, coral reef in the other...

Hannah had her entire wedding day planned from when she was 14 years old. All she needed was the groom. In steps Chris, and next thing, 30 of their closest family and friends were jetting off to the Outrigger Resort in Fiji for a week long celebration of their love.

It was an honour to be asked to celebrate with Hannah + Chris and capture their amazing holiday, wedding and honeymoon in Fiji. When you go over for a wedding and end up spending the whole week hanging out with the coolest bunch of mates who are brought together by one very special couple, you know you’ve made some life-long friends.

*A quick snap of myself and my drone operator (and partner) David, taking a quick snorkeling break with Chris and Hannah over the coral reef that washed up to the resorts footstep.

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