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A gentleman with a (totally reasonable) fear of snakes

It always surprises me the little stories that pop up while filming someones biography. Every time I sit down with the camera I am reminded how little we really know about a person until we actually start asking questions and listening to someones stories. There is so much beneath the surface of every person, not because of secrecy, but because they are simply so many little stories which unless asked about, will never be brought up in conversation.

I recently had the pleasure of filming Ross Whitehead's Film Biography. It was so much fun getting to know Ross and the Whitehead family, they really are as genuine and kindhearted as they come. I had known about Ross' children, Greg and Julie, but it wasn't until I asked the question "what was it like when your first son was born (thinking it was Greg)", that I heard a beautiful, sad and unexpected story about Ross' first son - Malcolm.

Another fun fact I learnt about Ross was that he was petrified of snakes (something I can strongly relate to!!), so I really loved this little story he told about one encounter which has stuck with him for years...

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