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A reminder that life is a gift

These are photographs from 1976 of my Dads car after a truck pulled out in front of him on Millicent Road and he drove straight underneath, wiping the top of his car straight off. His sister, Margaret, was a theatre sister at Millicent hospital and had passed the unrecognisable wreck on the tray of a tow truck on her way to work. The taxi driver commented, “looks like your going to be busy tonight, love.” To which she replied, “I couldn’t imagine anybody surviving that.” It wasn’t until Marg walked up to treat the unconscious patient in theatre that she realised it was her younger brother.

His hand was pinned between his steering wheel and the trucks bull bar, his clothing down to his underwear was filled with glass. At 17 years of age it was a miracle Robin survived with just cuts and bruises.

These images remind me of how fragile life is and how blessed we all are to be taking a breath right now. Love one another, spend your time with those who matter to you, make an effort to get to know their story and capture what memories you can, while you can.

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