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A question for your loved ones this Christmas day.

Christmas is all about family and 'kinship', and is the perfect time to ask your loved ones what Christmas was like for them as a child. If you don't get to share a meal with them on Christmas day, why not make a quick phone call, send a text, or share this blog post with them and they can comment or private message you their little story.

Christmas for me as a child meant watching the Christmas Eve carols together while Mum and Dad danced around the lounge, then alternating between our Geelong and Mt Gambier families every second Christmas. And of course the magic of Christmas morning when I would sneak down the hallway trying not to wake the parents, to find the tree covered in candy canes, our Christmas sacks overflowing and Santa's VB can empty (Dad decided one year that Santa has a big night so would probably prefer VB rather than milk...very thoughtful, Dad!).

I hope you all enjoy sharing your stories and getting to know each other a little better this Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone ❤️

What comes to mind when you think of your childhood Christmases?

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